Feb 11, 2024

Timber! Yale To Fell 800 Golf

This renovation, if left to stand as is, will be a stain on the otherwise admirable environmental legacy of President Salovey. Why let Palacios pursue a century-old vision from the 1920s rather than reimagine an environmentally innovative GOLF COURSE OF THE FUTURE that makes Yale and Salovey live up to their beautifully articulated (and I am sure sincere) environmental ideals. Yale should be a leader in this effort. Make this course the envy of the world instead of an imitation of a 1920s industrialist. IT’S NOT TOO LATE for Salovey to step in, hit pause, and engage the community as he makes a declaration of reimagined mission for this great neighborhood treasure. As is, the current plan does not get Yale environmental review until AFTER the culling. Total shame. In parallel, golf course management is so concerned about greener grass that they not only metaphorically dismiss our children’s legacy through tree clearing and wetland filling, but quite literally, Palacios personally kicks the neighboring kids off the one decent sledding hill that’s hosted neighborhood kids approximately 1-2 times a winter for decades - and he says it’s to protect the grass. I hear you, golf course… green grass sure is beautiful. Let’s instead make a truly GREEN course - one that includes our children in the short term and long term green vision of today and tomorrow!! Again, it’s NOT too late, Yale. Do the right thing.

Agreed! Some of my favorite childhood memories are sledding with families in the hills of the course.

LoveHVNHeather C.