Aug 18, 2023

Window Fasteners from SPAX

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Whether in a new build or a renovation, windows are a key part of many projects. Windows are costly and have some very important functions within buildings. It’s important that windows are installed correctly with the proper fasteners. Many different fasteners and nails are used to install windows in wood framing applications. Screws are often the preferred choice for better holding power and ease of installing. SPAX® offers a low-profile wafer head with HCR-X™ exterior coating in a #8 and #10 diameter. SPAX offers lengths up to 3” which helps cover contractor needs depending on local code and requirements.

For window casings and trim, SPAX offers the PowerTrim® screw for wood and composite PVC. The SPAX finishing trim screw is offered in a #8 and #9 up to 5” in length. Offered both in the single and double reverse thread, giving you the best options for wood and PVC.