May 28, 2024


The new KT5 offers an AC current measurement which enables you to detect open PEN situations as well as offering AC & DC voltage detection.The KT5 also offers a unique non-contact voltage indication function and single pole detection on either probe.

JAWS boasts AC & DC measurements for both current and voltage as well as offering TrueRMS accuracy for both AC current and voltage.This tester also benefits from an automatic AC/DC selection so there is no need for you to select the correct function.

There are a number of open jaw options out there on the market today, so how do the KT5 and JAWS stack up?

No other open jaw clamp on the market combines both TrueRMS accuracy with an AC/DC auto selection, making JAWS not only a highly accurate clamp meter but a user friendly one.JAWS TrueRMS ensures accurate readings even when measuring complex signals.It is also important to note that not all open jaw clamps on the market are CAT IV rated like JAWS and the KT5.


Few open jaw clamps offer a non-contact voltage facility, but none other than the KT5, offer a NCV test with three different sensitivity levels. This even provides you with an ability to trace hidden cables.Furthermore, the KT5 provides a single pole test on either probe for increased safety as well as a traditional two pole test ideal for your mandatary safe isolation procedure.

You will be hard pressed to find an open jaw clamp as dynamic and all encompassing as the KT5 which also boasts a phase rotation test, a diode test and a frequency test.Finally, the KT5 uniquely offers a probe tip cover with nose which can be connected to depress the earth pin in traditional UK BS1363 socket outlets.


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