Jul 27, 2023

Prince Harry relegated to 'entourage' status on Meghan's big night, expert says

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were seen celebrating her 42nd birthday in California but our expert says there might be tension between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

A body language expert weighed in on the supposed tension between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their date night Thursday night to celebrate Meghan's 42nd birthday.

The Duchess of Sussex turned another year older on Friday, but the couple decided to celebrate the night before at the trendy Italian restaurant, Tre Lune in Montecito, California. The restaurant is a favourite among celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and the Kardashian family.

With rumours swirling about Harry & Meghan going through a rough patch in their marriage, body language expert Judi James told the Mirror: "Harry looks relegated to entourage status here as he follows wife Meghan out of the restaurant on her birthday."

In photos obtained by MailOnline, the birthday girl is seen wearing a strapless, fitting, white and black striped dress, a Cult Gaia bag, and strappy black sandals. Harry is following behind her wearing a light blue linen shirt and white trousers.

Judi pointed out that Meghan is "clearly in the lead and in birthday 'Star' mode, her body language suggesting happiness and confidence as she engages in chat with other people".

The couple has recently appeared together in a promotional video for the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund which gives scholarships to young leaders. They've been trying to promote a "united front" and hope to be "seen as inseparable" but Judi sees a different story in these photos.

"Harry brings up the rear, with his sucked-in lips and mouth clamp suggesting he’s much more tense and possibly preoccupied here," she said. There seems to be trouble in paradise as she continues saying: "They’re not presenting as a tactile couple here for some reason, with Harry communicating with one group of guests while Meghan seems to be engaged with another."

The expert also compares the Duke and Duchess to other typical celebrity couples. She said: "It’s usual for A-list celebrities to walk out of restaurants on date-nights hand in hand and often with the guy towing his partner along to appear protective in front of the press but in these shots there is no touch or hand-holding from a normally very tactile couple.”

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