May 07, 2024

The 10 Best iPad Stands in 2023, Tested by Gear and Tech Experts

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Take your iPad’ing to the next level with the right tablet stand.

SMARTPHONES CHANGED everything. Now you can read any book, watch any movie, listen to any song, and learn almost anything from anywhere at any time. Then tablets came along and made all of that even better. Apple’s iPad, in particular, has made life easier in so many ways—from Zoom calls to in-bed reading to Netflix watch parties to rocking out to Spotify on the train. But holding a tablet for hours on end can be awkward, cumbersome, and downright uncomfortable. That’s where the right iPad stand comes in.

These deceptively simple little accessories make propping up your iPad (or iPhone or other tablet) much, much easier. Whether you’re trying to follow recipes in the kitchen, catching up with a marathon sesh of House of the Dragon, or trying to read The Hobbit (again), it’s infinitely more comfortable to do so on your iPad with the right stand. The best models are durable, lightweight, and sleek with multiple viewing angles and an adjustable design. Good looks and an affordable price are major pluses in our book, too.

With hundreds, maybe thousands, of iPad stand models available, it’s not hard to find a decent one. But there are a few important questions to consider before dropping $50 or more on the first one you find on Amazon. If you’re looking for expert help to navigate the available options, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best iPad stands worth buying in 2023. (Read on after our roundup for the low-down on exactly what to look for when shopping for the right iPad stand for you)

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About the Expert: I’ve spent most of my life hiking, kayaking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. For more than a decade, I’ve traveled the world, including all seven continents, and covered outdoor and adventure travel, sharing my advice on Forbes, Travel + Leisure, CNET, and National Geographic. These days, I personally evaluate outdoor gear and tech gadgets (like the best iPad stands) for Men’s Health from my home base south of Boston. So, you might say I’m a little gear-obsessed.

For years, Satechi has been a go-to favorite of ours for tech accessories (everything from the best iPhone charger cables to Apple charging docks). So, we’re not surprised that its best-selling R1 model is a stand-out in this year’s roundup of the best iPad stands. It’s deceptively simple—a sleek, streamlined stand with a hinge at the center. It folds down relatively flat for travel and pops up easily with multiple viewing angles for whatever you need it for. The solid aluminum construction means that it’s also incredibly durable yet lightweight. It’s even big enough and sturdy enough to work with Macbooks, too.

The best part? It’s only $40 in any of four handsome colors. At that price, we’re hard-pressed to find anything to complain about with this one. Add to that hundreds of stellar buyer ratings and reviews on Amazon and other etailers, and it’d honestly be worth it at twice the price. All of which is why it’s our pick for this year’s best iPad stand overall.

What do buyers say? “Love this stand. Especially like the padding on it and how really sturdy it is!” said one Amazon reviewer.

If you’re looking for maximum versatility, Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo Stand is your man. The weighted base makes this one of the most stable iPad stands on the market, with more than two pounds of counterweight to hold even the largest iPad models in place. If you’d rather get the stand off your desk or countertop, simply clamp it to a cabinet, desk edge, or any solid grip point to free up additional space. With three points of articulation, you can adjust it into almost any position you want. All of which makes this incredibly versatile for use in your kitchen, home YouTube studio, or WFH office setup.

At roughly $60, this iPad stand strikes a good balance between price, construction, and versatility. Among the more than 500 five-star ratings on Amazon, many buyers note that it’s among the sturdiest on the market thanks to its weighted base. Our only minor quibble is that the design is too heavy for travel, and it’s not ideal for creatives and artists who may want to look at a solid, non-adjustable iPad stand model.

What do buyers say? “One of the sturdier tablet holders on the market,” said one Amazon reviewer.

If you like your tech accessories simple, Omoton’s adjustable tablet stand is about as basic and streamlined as it gets. The aluminum alloy construction is durable yet lightweight at just over half a pound. While the base doesn’t adjust, the neck (the part that holds the iPad in place) rotates a full 180 degrees. So it’s ideal for use in the kitchen, on a desk, or at work. The open, non-clamping design makes this stand versatile enough for both iPads and iPhones. With availability in more than half-a-dozen colors, you can find a model that coordinates with your decor. All of which makes this a best-selling Amazon’s Choice iPad stand.

We like this adjustable tablet/iPad stand for its simplicity and, more importantly, its price. At around $13 (on sale), you’d be hard-pressed to find a more affordable stand anywhere. Plus, it’s among the best-rated we’ve seen this year with more than 6,500 Amazon ratings, including over 5,700 five-star ratings.

What do buyers say? Out of more than 6,500 Amazon reviews, 96% recommend the Omoton Adjustable Tablet/iPad Stand with at least a 4-star rating.

Like the Omoton Adjustable Tablet/iPad Stand we recommend above, this option from Aduro keeps things simple. The U-Rise Steel XL Adjustable Aluminum Tablet Stand is built with a high-quality aluminum alloy that’s available in a handful of colors (including Gold and Rose Gold) to dial in your preferred look. This stand, however, folds nearly flat, making it a great option for travel or tossing into your work bag to take between home and the office. Built-in non-slip rubber pads help keep your iPad in place and prevent nicks and scratches, too. Plus, the design works with virtually any device from 4 to 12 inches wide. That includes not just iPads, but iPhones, Nintendo Switches, Kindles, and more.

What truly sets this iPad stand apart, though, is the price. It’s the most affordable in our roundup at just over $10 (retail). If budget is your main concern when shopping for iPad stands, this is the way to go. With it’s folding, versatile design, aluminum construction, and hundreds of great buyer ratings, this is our hands-down pick for the best budget iPad stand of 2023.

What do buyers say? “I am really pleased with this product and highly recommend. I purchased this product to have a versatile stand/support that works with both my iPad as well as my iPhone and this one works great for both,” said one reviewer.

If you’re a full-time WFHer, it’s worth making your home office setup as plush and comfortable as possible. After all, you probably spend upwards of eight hours (or more) there every day. So, it’s worth splashing out on nice office gear and accessories. And Grovemade is arguably the best in the game when it comes to swanky WFH setups. Even its “lowly” iPad stand features a hybrid construction of American hardwood and stainless steel, so it’s durable, reliable, and damn handsome. It’s even lined with genuine Merino wool to cushion your device in an all-natural fabric cradle. Though it’s purpose-built with the iPad Pro in mind, it’s versatile enough to work with almost any tablet. Plus, built-in cable management helps keep your desk neat and tidy.

From a design perspective, you won’t find a more luxurious stand for your iPad at any price. Grovemade spares no expense when it comes to everything in its catalog. In either Walnut or Maple, this is a stand worthy of your precious Apple iPad. The only downside here? It’s expensive. At $130, it’s more than twice the price of almost any midrange iPad stand we’ve seen this year. But, if only the best will do …

For maximum versatility, nothing beats a gooseneck mount. It’s a tried-and-true design that’s infinitely flexible to any angle you need. Lamicall’s Gooseneck Tablet/iPad Holder clamps onto desk edges, kitchen cabinets, garage work surfaces, and everything in between. So, it’s mountable anywhere you need it, and the gooseneck arm allows you to position your device in landscape or portrait, facing any direction you like. The expandable clamp also stretches to fit almost any device—smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and more—between 4.7” to 10.5” wide.

This is an incredibly versatile iPad stand and easily the best gooseneck iPad stand we’ve seen this year. The only downsides are the lack of a weighted base—meaning it can’t stand on its own—and the fact that the gooseneck design offers a lot of give. So, for any sort of creative or artistic work that requires repeatedly tapping or drawing on the screen, it “bounces” a little too much. But for reading in bed, following recipes in the kitchen, or freeing up desk space for those semi-hourly Zoom calls, it’s almost perfect.

What do buyers say? “This iPad holder is sturdy, well made, works as advertised,” said one Amazon reviewer.

Many artists and creatives rely on their iPads to easily digitize their work. But finding a stand that’s both adjustable and extremely stable is a challenge. The unique design of Eletiuo’s Bamboo Tablet Stand sets the standard with a height-adjustable design that allows for a variety of viewing angles to dial in your preferred creative setup. The unique kickstand locks into place for maximum rigidity while drawing on and tapping on the iPad’s screen. The high-quality bamboo construction also ensures this model is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. Plus, we love the built-in wireless pen slots and charging cable slot, so you can keep your or tablet powered up while you work.

Creatives require a specific type of iPad stand for their work. Most of the other options on this list are too flexible, with too much “give” for this type of work. If you’re an artist, musician, chef, or anyone who needs to regularly interact with their iPad while working, this is easily the best stand for artists and creative types. Plus, at around $60, it’s priced right, too.

What do buyers say? “I use my iPad for anything art and for teaching. This stand is a game changer. I highly recommend. Solid, sturdy, and versatile,” said one Amazon reviewer.

iPads are a game-changer in the kitchen for quick calculations, making notes on your favorite recipes, and finding and following along with new dishes to make. It’s the perfect place for an iPad stand, but many are designed with a sleek, metal aesthetic that doesn’t work in most kitchens. Yamazaki’s Kitchen Organizer Stand technically isn’t an iPad stand, but it might as well be. It’s perfectly sized, proportioned, and angled to hold your iPad in the best position for hands-free use in the kitchen. Plus, even when you don’t need your tablet, it’s versatile enough to keep on the counter to use as a stand for your pot lids, ladles, utensils, and more.

At just over $30, it’s well-priced and more affordable than most other dedicated iPad stands we’ve seen and tested this year. We also like the white and natural wood design that looks great in almost any kitchen setup. But, what truly sets this non-iPad-stand apart is that it works as a tablet holder and for propping up just about anything else in the kitchen. Bonus: Yamazaki makes a ton of other kitchen accessories with a similar look, so you can coordinate your entire countertop aesthetic.

What do buyers say? “Game changer in the kitchen. Not sure how I lived without it,” said one Wayfair reviewer.

Sometimes, simpler is best, which is why we love this ultra-minimalist stand from Elago. The P2 iPad Stand is little more than a perfectly formed piece of solid aluminum, so it’s extremely durable. The design takes up minimal desk space (so it’s perfectly portable for travel), and looks good in the process in one of five modern colors. It’s versatile enough to work with almost any tablet (from iPads to Samsung), smartphone, or handheld game console. A built-in cutout at the rear also provides cable management to keep your workspace or kitchen countertop tidy.

Not only is this the best minimalist iPad stand we’ve seen in 2023, but it’s also among the most affordable, with a sale price of around $20. With nearly 200 five-star Amazon ratings, it’s well-reviewed too. If you like keeping your WFH desk setup, home office, kitchen, or other workstation as neat as possible, this is your man. The only downside? It doesn’t adjust, so the out-of-the-box viewing angle is the only one available with this model.

What do buyers say? “Simple but practical iPad stand … This little stand does everything I needed it to do,” said one Amazon reviewer.

When it comes to reading in bed, tablets and iPads have replaced newspapers and books for many of us. But holding a tablet for hours on end while propped up in bed isn’t always comfortable. If this sounds like you, a pillow-style holder is what you need. Lamicall’s Tablet Pillow Holder is made of semi-firm foam (like the best pillows), so it’s comfortable in your lap even after marathon reading sessions in bed. It’s wrapped in a removable cover that’s machine-washable and can even be swapped with a different color if you want to mix things up. It’s not adjustable in the way that a hinged or gooseneck iPad stand is, but it does feature four viewing angles, depending on how you lean your iPad or tablet against it.

For reading in bed or on the couch, this iPad stand is almost perfect. It’s soft enough to be comfortable in your lap for hours, yet firm enough to keep its shape and secure your tablet in place. We like the multiple viewing angles, decent price, and handful of available colors, too. All of which is why it’s our pick for the best bed-friendly iPad stand of 2023.

What do buyers say? “This is great! I love my tablet, but holding it for hours is tough on my hands. This pillow makes hands-free surfing so simple and painless. It’s a soft, sturdy pillow that works right out of the box,” said one Walmart reviewer.

iPad stands—even the best iPad stands—aren’t complicated. They’re usually small, simple accessories made of metal, plastic, or foam (in the case of pillow-style stands) with few moving parts and zero electronics. But there are a few things to consider when shopping for the right model for you.

Intended UseHow you intend to use your iPad stand is the single most important question to answer when shopping for one. If you most often use your iPad on a desktop (in a WFH setup, for example), in the kitchen, or on a flat surface, almost any traditional or clamp-style stand will do. If you need more flexibility or you frequently use your iPad without a stable surface, only a clamp-style stand will likely work for you. Artists and creatives may want to consider an iPad stand purpose-built for their work as these tend to be more rigid with minimal bounce or “give” in their designs. Or, if you typically use your iPad in bed or on the couch, consider a pillow-style iPad stand which is more comfortable for long reading or viewing sessions.CompatibilityAs with all tech accessories, it’s important to make sure that the stand you buy is compatible with your specific iPad model and generation. Thankfully, most tablet stands are nearly universal, with a design that fits a wide range of tablet models and generations. Nearly all of the iPad stands we’ve recommended above will fit almost any iPad, tablet, or reasonably new smartphone (larger than around 4.5”). Every maker includes specs to confirm the device dimensions that their stands are compatible with. But, for reference, these are the screen sizes of the most recent iPad models:

PriceMost tablet and iPad stands are reasonably priced. Almost every model in our roundup this year is priced at $50 or less. The best iPad stands—those made with hardwood and other premium materials like models from Grovemade—can run north of $100. But you don’t have to spend that much to score a decent model.

Over the last year, our tech-savvy staff researched and personally tested dozens of top iPad stands. We considered models from fan-favorite brands like Satechi, Twelve South, Lamicall, and more, paying close attention to everything from overall versatility and build quality to aesthetics and price. For this roundup, we also included a few models with at least 200 positive ratings on the etailer sites we trust, like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair. The list above represents our honest picks for the best iPad stands worth shopping for in 2023.

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