May 02, 2024

I'm a mechanic

AN AUTO repairman has revealed crucial tools he says are necessary to regulate the temperature of your engine.

The Georgia-based YouTube creator has nearly 200,000 subscribers who are educated by the informative car content he shares.

In a video JT (@OnlineMechanicTips) posted recently, he showed brand-new items he bought to fix a car that had problems overheating.

The mechanic said that he purchased a new tension clamp and water neck which are essential to making sure an engine maintains an operating temperature.

He brought attention to the fact that the water neck or thermostat housing was made of plastic after recalling a question one of his subscribers asked about using a tension clamp or worm clamp on their radiator.

Because the neck is made of plastic material, he said: "You should use tension clamps so it will keep tension on the hose and the hose will keep tension on the neck."

JT explained: "Back in the day when radiators were made of something else other than plastic, worm clamps were sufficient."

He ran into an issue when he didn't have the proper pliers to get the clamp open.

The car tech had to visit a mechanic's station nearby and ask him for a pair of hose clamp pliers.

Once he borrowed and used the tool, he said: "This is exactly the set-up I needed."

He went on to say that he was going to look into getting his own.

"If you don't have one, you might want to get one," he advised viewers.

He showed his subscribers how to use the hose clamp pliers tool to maneuver the tension clamp.

JT pointed out a small hook on the side of a silver clamp and said you should use the tool to pull a moving piece into the hook to lock it in place.

"So with your tool - with the clamp on the hose - you squeeze this and all you're hoping for is this little piece to jump up under here," he said while demonstrating.

The mechanic stressed not to lock it until you have it securing the water neck onto the radiator.