Aug 31, 2023

This Upcycled Multi

Pseudonymous maker "Tuenhidy" has published a guide to turning a power supply into a handy portable, modular training kit with DIN rail mounts — and a framework built from low-cost PVC plumbing pipe.

"I had one PSU from [a] broken computer case, [an] AcBel CE2 400W," Tuenhidy explains of the parts which went into his thrifty build. "I assembled a PVC frame with a handle, it contains [the] PSU inside with dimensions L×W×H about 200×165×160mm [around 7.9×6.5×6.3"]. This type of PSU has two openings for ventilation with fan at top and ventilation holes at side," the maker notes, with the framework keeping these clear.

It's the framework which really makes the build stand out, in fact. Rather than using an off-the-shelf enclosure, getting messy with metalwork or woodwork, or designing something for 3D printing or laser cutting, Tuenhidy opted for something simpler yet very effective: push-fit PVC pipe, more usually used for plumbing work and available at a very low cost.

A selection of T-pieces and 90-degree fittings are combined with the pipework to build the frame to enclose the PSU, with a carry handle at the top. A piece of acrylic hosts terminal blocks wired to the power supply and an on-off switch, while two other sides hold a DIN rail to mount other devices. 3D-printed adapters allow various devices to be connected for training purposes — from microcontrollers to prototyping boards.

"For further expansion, I can mount a 24VDC power supply on the rail," Tuenhidy notes. "All the PVC fittings have openings holes at bottom so I can extend my training kit [vertically]. Just stack more PVC fittings and mount more DIN rails."

The full write-up is available on Tuenhidy's Instructables page.