Jul 20, 2023

National Grid interconnector wraps up final cable test

National Grid‘s Viking Link project, a major interconnector initiative, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the final cable test for its ambitious 1.4GW energy link between the UK and Denmark.

Spanning an impressive 761 kilometres, the Viking Link cable will connect Lincolnshire in the UK with Jutland in Denmark, facilitating the exchange of clean electricity between the two nations.

The recent cable test, conducted between 24th and 25th August, aimed to validate the integrity of the cables by subjecting them to a testing voltage of 735,000 volts, equivalent to 1.4 times their operational voltage.

The testing was carried out between the UK Converter site at Bicker Fen and the Danish Converter site at Revsing, with the successful outcome validating cable terminations, land and submarine joints.

The Viking Link project is a £1.7 billion collaboration between the National Grid and Danish system operator Energinet.

The completion of the project will push the National Grid’s interconnector capacity to 7.8GW, capable of powering eight million homes.